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Animation Shorts
by Lotte Reiniger & Carl Koch / Cathedral Films
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Fine 1950's film short that uses silhouette animation to tell the Christmas story. Made by legendary German animator Lotte Reiniger who was responsible for the 1926 film The Adventures Of Prince Achmed; considered by some as the first feature length animated film.
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Topics: Lotte Reiniger, Carl Koch, Cathedral Films, silhouette, animation, German filmaker, Movies,...
by Dennis Poulette
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A few seconds of "vintage Christmas" from the public domain. It can be used as the beginning or end of another work.
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Topic: Christmas
Classic TV
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A serial killer threatens to kill Holmes before his execution. Episode 23
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Topics: Sherlock Holmes, Classic TV
Prelinger Archives
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CU toy train running in circular track under Christmas tree Young boy playing accordion spiritedly; middle-aged man in shot also playing Young boy and middle-aged man playing accordion; 2 women also in shot VS middle-aged man (Art Donald?) playing Hohner accordion; CU fingers on keys Young boy sticking out tongue CU fingers on accordion keyboard (good) Young boy wearing hat and with sunglasses tilting off his face playing (or pretending to play) accordion VS boy playing with electric train...
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Classic TV Commercials uploaded by HappySwordsman
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A 1959 commercial for Kodak products. This commercial aired during December, and as such has a Christmas theme.
Topics: Classic TV Commercial, 1959, Kodak, Advertising, Advertisement, Camera
Prelinger Archives
by Williams (Clem) Films
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Santa Claus rides in a parade and walks kids through a relentless department-store Christmas display. Filmed in Pittsburgh.
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Topics: Christmas, Santa Claus, Consumerism
Classic TV
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Studio One : The Nativity IMDB PAGE TV Series: "Studio One" (1948) Original Air Date: 22 December 1952 (Season 5, Episode 13) CAST : Thomas Chalmers, Hurd Hatfield, Paul Tripp
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Topics: studio one, christmas, nativity, christianity, jesus, christ, old time television, classic tv